Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Romans across the known world

So on Friday the class went to the Roman ruins of Italica, only 20 minutes outside of Sevilla.  It was - no surprise- laid out in the way of a classic Roman city. The Cardo (main street) and the intersecting Decumanus (main street on the 90* axis each running N-S and E-W.... or generally in those directions. 

There were many mosaics in the ruins of the grand houses but since our timing was early and during the winter the shadows wreaked havoc with photos .  But alas I will still post them... LOL

outside the ruins - an ad for times even further back than Rome! LOL

Then we had a group lunch at Seis in Plaza Nueva. where we had salad and fideous in squid ink - so good I didn't get a photo until done... and cheesecake YUM...

Fruit salad for the option for postres! looked good but not good enough to pass up the cheesecake - which is wonderful here!

lemons sitting on the bar caught my eye-  The next day we were off to Cordoba on an early tourist bus (mistake in some ways but whatever---) so we ate sandwiches at home for dinner.  Stay tuned for Cordoba which was magnificent!

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