Thursday, March 2, 2023

Catching Up!

 so since Angela and Lee left town we have gone to school and walked a ton of miles- had a session with our trainer Leslie, worked on finding a storage locker place willing to rent to foreigners, met with my speaking partner and her husband, found a lawyer, made an appointment with the lawyer, toured the Alcazar Palace, walked more miles and today I skipped school for some quiet time and catch up time. 

As for school, I am doing fairly well on listening and on reading but the speaking is a challenge because I am missing pronouns and verbs (except for the pronoun I which was the first word we learned LOL

Any way- here are some things for the catch up post - there will probably be two of them because the Alcazar will have its own no doubt....

We went to dinner with David on Monday night at a terrific sushi place - 

earlier we had grabbed a quick lunch at Mr. Triton - we pass it every day on the way to school - not worth a return visit... then we had run to El Cortes Ingles for some groceries before meeting Leslie on zoom for our first session with her...

The following day was an Andalusian holiday so we arranged a meet up with my speaking partner Julia at a close by coffee shop.  After coffee, she invited us to walk to her house to meet her husband who was working because Madrid (where his company is located) did not have the same holiday.  He met us for a drink and then they walked home with us - They live near the Setas.

above Julia's church and below her apartment balcony (her husband planted the flowers) - She is 30 and expecting a baby boy in late June. He is 47 and from Madrid. They plan to move to Madrid when she has completed the level C1 exam for English speaking (which she needs to teach in Madrid schools) 

This is a building on their plaza that is under reconstruction and will be three apartments. We only want to rent so it is unlikely we will find a place like this but she wanted to show us the building in case we decide we want to buy something....(highly unlikely) 

later that evening we went to La Manzil for dinner- it is a very high end Michelin restaurant here - just three minutes from our "dorm" apartment. We unexpectedly ran into David and his husband Paul. Thye4 were ahead of us by about a half hour- but David said he had just texted Phil about the place LOL small world.

it was an excellent meal. likely one of the best we will have here - along with Justa Ruffina (shown last week). So that brings us to Wednesday - when we went to school, had a quick lunch at a noisy bar and a chocolate at a café near the Cathedral and met the group for a tour of the Alcazar. 

so next up - the royal palace of the Alcazar.... stay tuned.

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