Thursday, March 2, 2023

The Royal Palace of Alcazar!

We met the group near the Giralda and walked to the Palace entrance- we had an excellent guide for the palace who gave us many details about the history of the palace construction (many stages over many centuries in many styles)  

I think the photos will speak for themselves - the first group are outside the palace and then the remainder are all inside the palace and its gardens.

horse parking lot- LOL- in the summer I am sure it is great thing to be in the shade but it has been unusually cold here this past week - so I think the horses would have preferred to be in the sun today!

then on to the inside of the palace- 

So a really good tour of a fabulously beautiful palace. with a ton of history to give it all context for its time.  And since I had a chance to, I looked at my photos from the last time I visited the Alcazar in 1999 when my mother and I visited all of Andalusia staying in the paradors throughout the region. The city has changed but the Alcazar has not really changed in any appreciable way.

a later dinner at a place near the Setas - which had a line of more than 20 people- we were happy we had reserved - 

now all caught up except for the school work- tomorrow we are off to Italica (Roman ruins nearby) and then on Saturday to Cordoba.... never a dull moment!

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