Thursday, July 13, 2023

can't believe it

So I see the last post I did was more than a month ago! WOW! - in that time Phil and Jeremy took a trip to Ireland! During the trip - Jeremy went to London for the Cubs Cardinals baseball game. The guys had a great trip with our friends Ron & Mary. 

I stayed in Chicago and organized all our stuff which we had combined into one household from two in January before we left for two + months in Spain.

I had one fabulous dinner out with Todd & Evie and Jenny at indienne 

I went to see a play and had dinner at FONDA to check it out for a friend

photos from FOMDA 

this pretty much catches up to Phil's return from Ireland at the end of June... in July- we started with dinner with Todd & Evie at the Loyalist... and then went off to Montreal to meet up with friends Clause & Evi who were visiting  Canada from Germany.)  

in Montreal- the first place we ate was Schwartz's for smoked meat- 

later we went to the market and got natas! 

that night we went to Chez Sophie

the next day we started out with St Viateur bagels and later met our friends for dinner

Phil couldn't stop at one bagel sandwich...LOL

the next day we had lunch at a portuguese place for a terrific seafood lunch!  Cafe Ferreira!

dinner was with our friends and their family at Tbsp... it too was very good but lunch was special- 

we ended our evenings at the hotel bars with our friends and spent hours catching up and getting to know their daughter in law 💕

Then it was back to Chicago in time for a birthday celebration for friends Lee and John both have July birthdays!  but that will be another post!

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