Thursday, July 20, 2023

even more July

 So it really has been a busy month - and here are some more social events we have managed to indulge ourselves in:

dinner with Jenny and Ames at ESME

We also had  a lovely dinner with Leslie at Bistro Campagne

and we had a number of chores surrounding the documents we need for our Non Lucrative Visa  NLV application that we have started gathering for our lawyer.

And I started gathering recipes for a dinner I am having for Lee & Nick tomorrow night - LOL - they get to be guinea pigs for some new things- 

this recipe I have made one other time and really liked- except i used beef instead of lamb....

this is a cake recipe I am trying for the first (and possibly only) time - called ravani - it's middle eastern.

So tomorrow, Lee & Nick and Saturday we have a large group going to Hermosa and next week we have plans with Sheila & Mary, Paige & Sharad and Phil has a couple of concerts.... so life goes on and we keep busy. stay tuned for more...

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