Saturday, August 5, 2023

calendar pages flying

Just like in the old time movies- with the calendar pages flying off into the air  - and it is now August- and not even the first... we have been busy with visa stuff- had our fingerprints taken and sent off to the FBI. They were rejected. So we were back to square one yesterday, as we rushed out on Friday afternoon to a new place in an effort to get prints that will not be "rejected" (insert rolling eyes here) 

meanwhile we have been doing a lot of social things with friends... 

made dinner for Lee & Nick - samasas for starter were the winner the salmon muffins in sushi wrap were OK and the zucchini salad needs some refining but overall - a decnet meal

The next night we had dinner with Todd & Evie, John & Stephanie, Jenny, Richie, Shari, and Beth at Hermosa... a fun night despite the fact that I didn't really get to talk to Evie or Shari since the seating for ten made it darn near impossible. 

We also had dinner with Sheila & Mary at Coda di Volpe - which was really a surprise- excellent pasta and good pizza what's not to like?

and we finally caught up with Paige & Sharad for a meal- at Il Milanese - our third time there this summer and not tired of it yet!

So that brings us up to this past week.... which I will do in another post - this one has gotten prettu long with all the great food and fun....

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