Wednesday, September 27, 2023

A Visit to DC

So off we went to DC to visit with Cousin Megan who was in from Madrid, doing some rehab work on her house. We did a couplie of museums and then most every dinner was for cousin time...

We were on time to National (DCA) and checked in to our hotel - the Lyle (DuPont Circle area) 

We met Megan for the first dinner at a Laotian place near her home- it was terrific!

The next day we went to the African American Museum (which will be recapped in another post so it is given its due respect.) then that evening we went to Rooster & Owl - another place near Megan's home and one that has a Michelin star. 

The next day we were off to the National Museum of American History. Sort of two depressing museums in a row- especially given the government is about to shut down due to malfunctioning structure and really underlying corruption of the most basic systems of representation. (again the museum will get its own post) 

that night we met Phil's high school friend Debbie for dinner at Bar Spero (which in my opinion came in third of the three places we had eaten so far...)

The next day we had rain most of the day from the remnants of the tropical storm traveling up the coast  so we ate in the hotel restaurant and hung out all day- 

Phil worked on his Spanish homework and met with a classmate online and I read all afternoon - what a luxury. Then we met Megan for dinner at Fiola Mare 

Then on Sunday we went to lunch at a place close to the hotel called Gypsy Kitchen - 

Then Phil went back to the museum and I went back to the hotel to just relax with my book.

We met Megan at Lutece for our final meal together for this visit- 

It was a great time with Megan- we got to know each other better and talked about lots of things we want to do together in Spain when we arrive.  We closed down almost every place we ate (Fiola Mare was the exception) because we never ran out of things to talk about- 

Looking forward to seeing her again - along with Christian and Oscar next time- in Spain!

On Monday we went to the airport. We had a wonderful lunch at Legal Seafoods- lobster rolls and clam chowder!  

Our flight took off early.  We would have been home early too, if our plane hadn't been left sitting on the ground waiting for our gate for nearly an HOUR!  And get this- the plane at our gate was waiting for baggage to be brought from late arrivals - while the folks on our flight were missing their connections!  Welcome to flying in the 20s. Following posts will cover our museum experiences.

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