Wednesday, September 27, 2023

DC Museums

The beautiful museum exterior and it's appropriate location  on the mall - front and center - just as the contributions of Africans have been to building the wealth and culture of this nation.

maybe it's time to revisit those words---- and start over- 

The following day we went to the white version of the sorry ass story of the founding "principles" of this nation that once did have a dream - one unrealized nearly three hundred years later-   

Julia Child's kitchen- 

Most of the rime in both the museums I was either angry or teary eyed.  There was once a dream but here we are - more divided than ever- with not even any real rule of law to assist us in getting out of the morass we are in- a corrupt supreme court - bought and paid for. Gerrymandered elections- voting rights curtailed wherever the Right can manage it- "unwritten" affirmative action for men at universities.  There are plenty of days  I thank god I am old. The myth of America is and has always been just that- a myth- this is not a society were equality exists and the divides are growing not shrinking.


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