Friday, September 1, 2023

out and about- in Chicago

We have been quite busy but here are the posts to catch up with us...

Our neighborhood Chinese favorite. For dinner. Crispy shrimp (their version of walnut shrimp) and DanDan noodles, scallion pancakes, Zhong's dumplings, Xiao long bao, and a new main of seriously spicy dry pork ribs. All good.

Stars aligned tonight and we got to have dinner with friends Todd & Evie at the fabulous Kasama. Yes, it lives up to the hype (although I guess it's not hype if it really is THAT good!) And it is. My favorites were the spring roll/oyster/salmon skin course (lumpia/chicharron) along with the croissant filled with delice de Bourgogne topped with truffle shavings! But I would eat seconds of any of the courses. And don't miss the photo of my aperitif the Ube Gin Fizz (yum!)

went to dinner tonight with Lee and his son Aarav at Smoque Steak, where all I managed were photos of the menu and the wines we both brought. Oh well.... We headed out to Margie's for dessert. It is exactly the same as it has always been! Massive bowls of ice cream sundaes and huge glasses of milkshakes (two glasses full for each shake) and malts. They still keep adding flavors of ice cream (hence the professional signage 🤣) It's a Chicago tradition! Everybody loves Margie's ❤️💕❤️

then I went on my annual trip with TB for DART 2023- a circle tour of Lake Ontario out to the Atlantic after heading up along hte Seaway and the St Lawrence River. Those posts will be done separately.

so read on....

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