Sunday, December 3, 2023

we are still eating!

 so the next day- LOL we started at ACME Oyster House for a terrific lunch. 

Dinner was at Broussard's (which we switched from Compere Lapin when we found too much coconut and curry on the menu)  Broussard's is one of the older traditional restaurants in town so we hoped for good things. 

desserts were the winners that evening but the appetizers and soup/salad courses did not disappoint.  The stuffed flounder was not brilliant but still made it to the good food category.  I would not make this the historic place to visit on a short trip to town. 

Next up was lunch at Antoine's - a severe let down....beautiful space - mediocre wait staff and food that was over salted instead of full of flavor.

cheesecake was very good- saving the meal from the brink of the abyss. LOL

The evening meal was in our number one slot for expectations given previous dining there. It lived up to our memories of delicious food and warm welcoming professional service. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

except the cake was dry...

Sunday brunch was at Mr. B's an old stalwart- mixed reviews - 

tasty gumbo not served hot despite a special request for it to be VERY HOT....

 great fried oysters

Missed photos of the wood fired Drum Fish and the burger - both very good but the pomme frites were also not served hot....not rocket science folks...

This cake was not dry but it wasn't VERY moist as the server avowed....

no recommendation for this one either - 

Now, a little time out with some other sights around the French Quarter-  or as my grandfather used to call it in wistful tones the "Vieux Carre"

Now that we are past Thanksgiving, all the places are decorated for Christmas holidays.

tonight we are off to the first place I ever ate in New Orleans - Tujague's.

the very first time I traveled to New Orleans my mother and I were doing a trip up the River Road from plantation B&B to B&B... all the way to Natchez.  We returned to N.O.La. for five days at the end of the trip. On the night we arrived we stayed near the airport because we had picked up a car but we wanted to go into town for dinner. So we took a cab and the driver told us he had a recommendation and a coupon for two for one- no strings... and so we went to Tujague's that evening and I fell in love with New Orleans cooking. that was in May 1990.  The place was founded in 1856 and in 2013 they gave up their traditional single menu to include an ala carte selection as well.  In recent years they moved from their original location (seen in my photos from years earlier).  So tonight will be an adventure and a trip down memory lane!

watch this space....

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