Sunday, January 21, 2024

before Larry leaves-

We have more meals and fun with friends - before Larry leaves town for Lisbon. 

Larry and Phil and I had dinner at Casa Puerta and then the following day lunch at Placido y Grata Tienda, then Saturday night we met up with Lauren and Kaki at a place in Plaza Gavidia across from Dos de Mayo - called Palo Martin.



later Larry and Phil went to get some natas for Larry to take with him when he left- 

it was a beautiful blue sky Sevilla day!

back to Plaza Gavidia- for Saturday dinner- 

the new dinner place- 

the jamon was demolished before the photo LOL

Sunday before Larry left for the airport we stopped by Pikis Labis for coffee and breakfast rolls.

Then after Larry left we went to the Plaza Museo to sit in the sun and blue sky outdoors - 

tonight we will eat at home LOL- I know - hard to believe LOL but we actually do get tired of always eating out. So a few weeks of no company and then three weeks running with company the last three weeks of February. EXPAT LIFE!

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