Sunday, January 21, 2024

down to one guest

 Only Larry is left of our guests from the January schedule.  We have decided to go Cordoba on Thursday so Larry can see the Mezquite-Cathedral. I have tons of photos from the trip lat spring but this time we had far fewer crowds so I actually saw things I missed before.  It's such a gift to photographers to have the space to SEE things.  

We left from Santa Justa station in the late morning and arrived less than an hour later despite a late departure. We immediately went to lunch- because we had a place we really liked the last time and so we returned to Ordonez and had a great lunch before hanging out with coffee and dessert in another nearby bar. Our tickets for the UNESCO site were for 3 PM. Sadly it was a rainy day so we didn't spend a lot of time outdoors. 

We move to a new bar for dessert-LOL

out on the streets near the Mezquite-

I will do two posts on the cathedral and mosque - but finish our day on this one-  the details of the visit to the UNESCO site will be in separate posts. After we finished in the mosque - we had time to stop for a drink before heading back to the station for the trip home. 

The Uber driver had a hard time finding our place so we just told him to drop us by the park and we walked across the park and home after a long day...

so that ends our day - but for the cathedral post and the mosque post- coming soon...

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