Tuesday, February 20, 2024

we are tourists with Jean

 So on the Wednesday and Thursday of the week Jean was here we became tourists with her.  ON wednesday we took the HOHO bus to Plaza de Espana and explored. After that we had a drink in the park. Then we went back on the HOHO bus to Triana where we walked the pedestrian main drag that crosses the Isabela II bridge (Triana Bridge.) The next day we visited the Alcazar. Still beautiful and this time we were able to see more of the garden and the cistern etc. because we were on our own. 

on the Triana Bridge

on to the Alcazar- 

Then on Thursday night we went to dinner at Alimentari Y Diversi (which Jean loved of course because it was Italian!)

She headed out on Friday morning for Madrid and her new tour group for Spain.  We saw her on Monday afternoon when she headed back to Sevilla with her group. we had coffee and sandwiches at La Canasta by the Cathedral.  By then my brother and his family had come for a two nights visit. They had one long day of touring before heading to Granada on the train this morning while we went to get our residences cards at the Oficina de Extranjeria.

so we finally are fully documented residents! 

All caught up except for our meals with guests and in between company... next post...

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