Tuesday, February 20, 2024

we go out in between having guests visit

 a couple of really good meals at places not on the regular guest roster...

What a difference a year makes.  Last year we tried this restaurant and had an unmemorable meal. I remember thinking that "there's nothing I want to eat here."  But tonight, a better understanding of the food and the language gave us a chance to replace those memories with new and much better ones. A terrific meal - the standouts were the four appetizers. Outstanding steak tartare and a scallop dish where the scallops were "melt in your mouth" tender. Along with the "matrimonio" - two favorite anchovy preps 'married' in one perfect dish! But the real winner of the evening was the Puntillitas Fritas - an exquisite dish of calamari, grilled sweet peppers, fried egg, and tartufada. When mixed it was so tasty and had such a great combination of textures that it easily won my vote for "worth returning for alone." So glad we gave it another chance. The wine was a very nice Godello to go with the mostly seafood/fish/shellfish meal. 

A winning new restaurant tonight. Terrific creative approaches to traditional ingredients. Best dishes were the tuna tostas, the mussels in "secret sauce" and the two squid dishes (loved them both but the one served in squid ink with crispy polenta had sauce so good you would eat it by the spoonful. My favorite dish was the mussels but the above mentioned all make for a very close race for second choice. The one we did not love was the fish of the day - a snapper belly that was disappointing as it just didn't live up to the great flavors of the prior dishes. A MUST to return to. Many more things to explore on this menu. And the 2014 corpinat was kick butt!

possibly the best cheesecake ever! Somewhere along the way we tried a new place called Chaquilla- which was tiny and excellent !

Also while Jean was still visiting we went to Brunilda 

and then with Jeff, Gretchen, Mitch and Natalie- we had two dinners- Placido Y Grata and La Casapuerta... both good- 

they had arrived on the day of the marathon and so ended up with no time to do any touring on Sunday so we just went to dinner.  They had Monday tours scheduled and then we met for dinner at Casa Puerta (oops no photos LOL)

They went off to Granada today while we went to the Plaza de Espana to pick up our residence cards!!!

So I think we're all caught up except  few neighborhood photos!

we have a few days before the next guests arrive (next Monday) and we only have 9 more days at this location - we move February 29th into our long term rental.  But stay tuned for more adventures with old people in a foreign country! LOL.... 

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