Monday, April 8, 2024

We visit Madrid

so on Thursday afternoon we took a two hour train to Madrid - high speed and easy- but I would not choose that station in Madrid to be our future destination... it's under expansion construction for the next two decades. It is also quite far from the city center and the main train station (Atocha). But we arrived and after checking in to our hotel we walked to Megan & Christian & Oscar's home and sat on their roof deck for a while - had a bottle of wine and snacks. Then we went to dinner (a 10 PM reservation - as you do in Madrid). 

It might be the second oldest restaurant in Madrid but they are still on their game with  exemplary service and on point food preparations. Our kick off meal during our visit with cousins was memorable. As we arrived back to our room after a short cab ride we noted that despite the 1:30 am hour we had not been the last people in the restaurant. More photos of the restaurant follow at the end including the first working phone booth in Spain!

We checked out the old details of the restaurant- 

After dinner we went for a short walk- it was already 1:30 AM LOL so no way it would be long for us... even being late night folks.... 

The next day we met for lunch at a "menu del dia" restaurant.  A lunch at a place in our cousins' neighborhood followed by an afternoon at the Prado. Menus marked with our choices. Three courses for 18€ per person!

seen along the way- 

In the afternoon we went to the Prado- 

Dinner was perfect- a tiny tiny place in a neighborhood a bit far away- Excellent seafood dinner at a marisqueria north of the city center. Two great wines and fresh fresh fresh seafood. Megan, Christian & Oscar are determined for us to go home so stuffed that we won't eat for a week! 

The next day we went to Segovia with Megan & Oscar.... another post- so stay tuned...

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