Monday, May 20, 2024

in the count down

So we are really in the countdown now- ten days to our summer break from the renown or perhaps infamous heat of a Sevilla summer. 

meanwhile, we have more farewells at several more restaurants -  

a return to AMARA but ordered from the a la carte - the tasting menu hadn't really changed - 

probably the best steak I have had in Spain- below

then we stopped for ice cream at a newly renovated old building - used to be a bar- 

a lunch at a new to us place Islamorada- near the Natas stand...

on the way home we came across this store- since 1894!

Because we had  big lunch, I voted for a smaller dinner- we tried Casa Lonja at the end of Calle Madrid on Zaragoza...

Next dinner - La Cayetana -

So now our last week in the spring 2024 residence in Spain. A few photos of our walk home and then some of our dinner. The fruit stand and pharmacy from the end of the street. The view in the direction of the plaza. A street we traverse regularly to get to the bank and to our favorite Chinese place. This is our home now. Our attachment has grown rapidly. People wave as we pass by their establishments. Tonight  the lady from the ice cream place and Freddy from Ming. It's a friendly place. People have time to stop and chat. (It might be the reason everyone is late - because being on time is less of a priority than giving your neighbors time to catch up.) On the way home I took some photos - 

Today we went to the government offices in Triana to register for our empadronamiento. (It's a residence verification certificate) After we got our form stamped and they told us to come back at the end of June we stopped along San Jacinto, (the pedestrian street from the Triana bridge past the mercado de Triana to a big church) for a drink. 

After our drinks we crossed the river - spotting Jacaranda and Bougainvillea in full bloom along with tree full of white blossoms I didn't know. People were walking along the river path below the bridger. The Bridge is adorned with a chapel (photo below). We stopped at the other side of the bridge to have a bite to eat at the Mercado de Lonja. It is an old market converted into a food hall of sorts. Nothing notable about the less than stellar offerings which seemed to be more slanted to tourist trade than anything actually local. We had some empanadas and some small sandwiches and went on our way... a definite NO on the that one...LOL can't win them all.

Tomorrow Phil has class until 9:30 so it will be a pizza and salad night for us. And the rest of the week is a mixed bag... back to Azotea, Dos de Mayo, La Brunilda, and Alimentari & Diversi - as well as an attempt to eat at El Cosas on Moratin (the ghost restaurant LOL)... that's all for now but more will follow-

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