Thursday, May 23, 2024

Dragging our feet

Well, we both have been saying that we are to ready to leave our adopted home - but for the weather - which is heating up! Today we had coffee with Paula from my class last year who as returned for a second year - she's now in the B1 class... 

Our day on Wednesday started with reheated pizza; leftover from last night. Then we went out for coffee at La Canasta. After catching up on some work at home we headed to dinner at La Azotea (last time this spring) where they had a fabulous new cocktail with Saint Germain.  I had two and I joked with the server (in Spanish!) that I would have six more of those!  We had a great dinner and took the long way home with a stop at MITO for the Amarena gelato (our scoop shop gal texted Phil it was back in the flavor of the day so we wouldn't miss it!) We walked home through quiet streets.

Phil's shrimp main  and below- my fish main (Lubina)

Phil never misses the mini cheeseburger here

camarones churros - 

red tuna tacos

earlier Phil convinced me to make one last stop at La Canasta for a mid afternoon coffee 

The night before we had late night pizza from D'Italy after Phil's class 

Tonight we are off to finally try the "ghost" restaurant that we refer to as Brigadoon--- El Cosas. We pass by it literally every day and sometimes it's open and full and other times it looks like it has been  long abandoned... no online reservations so we only happened into one, as we passed by last night round 11:15PM. We will include photos after we have dined there. Also we have reserved one last spring meal at Alimentari and at Brunilda... more to come as we head towards the exit for the spring residence term.

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