Thursday, June 27, 2024

more fun in the city

 so on Tuesday night we had dinner at Phil's favorite Le Bouchon. A stalwart for take away during COVID, we became emotionally addicted to this place on our first night out at a restaurant after COVID restrictions were lifted. It was noisy and full of life as well as fabulous food we practically cried. 

Then we celebrated our 23rd wedding anniversary at Oceanique...

today I rearranged the deck plants in order to crop off two large (tall) branches of the stick plant and reroot them into a new pot... wish us all luck... 

and in a series of rearrangements- I moved plant one into two's spot and two into three's spot and then moved the table for plant one into a group across the deck - thinking I would put the fourth spot plant into that one but realized it was already getting too much water so that one got moved to under the upstairs balcony for now- when it has revived I will move it out to the mosaic table- I knew you would be interested LOL 

Tonight eat at home - Phil will have the other half of the "serves two" duck from Le Bouchon and I will make myself something with chorizo - a quesadilla or a burrito - maybe queso fundido or nachos... we'll see... I have corn and poblano soup and salsa and guacamole so lots of options. 

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