Tuesday, June 25, 2024

summer in the city

The summer is already flying by... we have been home a little over three weeks and have been busy with medical check ups and dentist appointments etc...  so we have been staying around town and seeing friends when we can- people are busy in the summer - also I finished my planting on the deck all pots are full now! 

We had dinner with Lee & Nick - at Tango Sur

and then we also tried Tikal a Guatemalan place for dinner and the next night went to Kasama to celebrate Evie's birthday with her and Todd.

Another great recommendation from FB foodie Frank Patterson. Many of the things we ordered were not on the carry out or online menu so I would recommend going to their spotless and welcoming restaurant for the things we liked. The empanadas with a spicy salsa were great, as were the tacos (uno pastor y uno pescado) but mi favorita was the picaditos asada. Phil loved his carne y camerones with the tasty slaw that was also served with the empanadas. We took the chicken salad "compartir" but I would say it was the weakest of the dishes. Many other things to try. And as you can see la cuenta was muy reasonable. (Why yes, I do speak Spanglish LOL)

we had a Sunday night pizza at Fat Chris' - no photos- sorry - but it was good! as usual.

We are missing Spain but it has been unbelievably hot in both of our home bases. So we soldier on- in less than two weeks TB and I will be on our DART trip for 2024. Then Phil will join me in Denver. for visits with Duke & Cathie and Jennifer & Dave... 

We had dinner with Todd & Evie to celebrate her birthday- at Kasama

We had dinner at Bistro Campagne on one of the nights we had some cooler weather- 

Tonight we are headed to Le Bouchon and then tomorrow for our 23rd anniversary to Oceanique- stay tuned

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