Tuesday, June 11, 2024

still in town

We met up with friends Ron & Mary for dinner as we met the 'one week home" mark- nice to catch up with them and dine at Il Milanese! 

I am still working on the deck plantings - did the six hanging baskets (which did not weather the winter at all!) and washed the rugs with the heavy duty cleaner 

we worked in the cellar to clear space for some cases that Neil needs to store there.

Last night we went out to Chengdu Impressions for our favorites - 

Tonight we are going to try a new place for Bosnian food D4 Cafe on Western with Mike. Update - It was marvelous! A FB foodie turned us on to this terrific Bosnian place. Mom and Pop in the kitchen - kids out front. Wonderful experiences with amazing food that we have missed since the demise of Sarajevo on Lawrence Ave. The burek with spinach was a meal in itself.  Luckily I was dining with two others. We demolished the mixed meat platter, hence the big gaps that once held three servings of cevapi and three of pljeskavica, as well as the things shown. Incredible pita bread and kymak cheese. Thanks Frank Patterson! We will definitely return.

I also went to Gethsemane for my annual deck flower purchases. I had to revamp some plans as I changed up the hanging pots. I ended up with three flats of flowers (one too many) and and two good sized hostas... given the empty pots I have I will now have marigolds in the salvia planters and impatiens in the plant with the failed (over the winter) hostas and then the two moderate sized pots get the hostas- LOL  I know- TMI...   

Tonight we have sushi from Lawrence Fish Market - 

The rest of this week is Doctor visit week-  once we are done witht htis week we will be all caught up from the six months in Europe... YAY! and ready to just enjoy our summer - Phil has a ball game Friday so I will finish my deck planting then and relax for the weekend! 

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