Wednesday, November 10, 2010

the days get away

and before you know it a decade has passed.  I was thinking of this because last night we went with friends Sheila & Mary to a wine dinner at one of our favorite places - Cafe Matou.  it is closing after 13 years and for us ten years of good food and friends.  Virgil, James, Lydia, all names of folks who have moved on but the current cast of characters Steven and Becca are also of the same mold of convivial, comfortable, welcoming neighborhood folks. 

the chef, Charlie Socher has been well loved by more than just our circle of friends and now he is moving on.  where will we go for that wonderful tarragon chicken prepared in the traditional French way?  last night a salmon prepared in a Merlot sauced based on salmon bone stock showed Charlie's amazing talent once again. 

it has been, for the last six months or so, a time of loss, my sister passed away in June.  she was 54 (and 17 months younger than I.)  now, no one will ever understand why fig newtons cut in half with toothpicks would make a perfect appetizer- she would have. things we shared between just us two sisters will remain one sided.  I do not wish to dwell here but I will say it is a loss that will never be replaced - never ever. ever.

it is the fall of the year and this year at least the season seems to be about changing - we said our goodbye to May Street Market a week ago when dining with friends Laure & Arno.  another favorite, Mado has also closed without a chance to say farewell.  this Sunday is Cafe Matou's last night.

I know well enough that one door closes and another opens but wonder what the future holds for us.

today's photo is one from Japan.  in this Kyoto garden the stones are placed such that all but one is visible from any given vantage point.  this is in recognition that, here on earth, we cannot see the whole but only have different views from the different places where we may be standing- this seems to be a perfect photo right this minute. 

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