Wednesday, December 15, 2010

half a sucky week

is what it has been.  sunday morning I arose at 5:30 AM to get to my Board meeting and after that was over around 1 PM I drove through crummy weather for six hours to visit my mom.  when I got to her place on Monday morning I found her still in bed and feeling poorly.  

here is a photo of my mom when she was a young hot babe-

she is now almost 81 and has been battling cancer for ten years.  she is an amazing woman- has traveled all over and done lots of things in her life-been a teacher and an accountant and a buyer for retail.  everyone who works where my mom lives, in assisted living, loves my mom.  she is unfailingly upbeat and positive so it came as a big surprise to us all when she announced Monday that she was not feeling well enough to go on.

she has chosen hospice care to carry her through her transition.  this is a huge loss

she is and will always be a spectacular woman- a woman of great kindness, immense generosity, incredible intellect and insatiable curiosity- I have had the best role model a daughter could wish for.

so yes - it has been a kind of sucky week- I was already missing my sister and now I am facing the loss of my mom.

here are some photos of her:

a trip to Mexico as a teen- she is the beauty on the left-

and then Morocco (on the right) with her sister Phyllis

China and Africa

I pray her transition into spirit is an easy one and that her suffering will come quickly to an end.  Love always-

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