Wednesday, January 5, 2011

arrival again - again

this time to our new home away from home in Florida.  We arrived late last night after two days in the car with our two cats.  they did extremely well - Lucy only complained a little on and off for about an hour and Penny said not a word.  they found the night in the hotel room a complete lark because they got to sleep with us and walked around all night at intervals.  we didn't get tons of sleep but after 11 hours in the car I felt they needed "bathroom" access - although they hadn't eaten or had any water since well before noon. 

the second day went even more smoothly and we started out earlier so we drove directly to our cottage and got them in and unpacked the car before we grabbed dinner and came back to unpack.  we fell into bed fairly late but awoke this morning on the early side.  I got my computer set up for work and found my camera to take a photo of the morning view on the river.

and here are our kitties lounging around on the chair tonight...LOL

 as you can see - they do not appear overly stressed...

we spent our day setting up our offices and getting a few groceries and finding out where things are way out here in the country - we are way east (more than twenty miles) of the island where my mother's family lived for more than 60 years. 

but I will save that for another day's story.

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