Sunday, January 2, 2011


a new year!  everyone keeps saying this one HAS to be better for me.  from their mouths to god's ears for sure.

many posts ago I said one door closes and another opens- that seems to be especially relevant to new years.  we are headed south for a while.  get some warm weather and some sun.  we are taking the cats - LOL - big adventure - you remember them from the "kitties birthday" post I am sure.  they are five and good natured so I am sure the will tolerate the twenty hours in the car very well (please please- LOL)

so tomorrow starts a new chapter in my semi-free life.  going away for the winter weather to sunnier climes.  we are looking forward to visiting my brother in law Larry and our friends, the now infamous CBGB! Several friends have promised to visit.  so it will be fun and busy.

we had a really super surprise last week when Jeremy showed up with sympathy flowers on Tuesday night unexpectedly.  he stayed for dinner before going off to visit with friends.  we didn't know he had come in from NYC so this was completely a surprise!

so in honor of Jeremy's visit I thought I would post a few photos from the trip we took with Jeremy in the summer of 2009 to Vermont.  time flies - I was going to say last summer, but it is already the summer before last.  Vermont was my 49th state and when I had a business meeting in Boston, we decided to spend the remainder of the week in Vermont.  Jeremy and his friend Kate joined us, taking the Chinatown bus to Boston from NYC and then, when they had to return home to work, taking the train from Burlington back to NYC.

so here are a few photos:
Phil and Jeremy at Ben & Jerry's

 Shaker hats from a community we visited in NH

 horses (big kitties) at the Billing's Farm in Woodstock VT

 worms for sale at the general store

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