Tuesday, February 22, 2011

endings beginning

today I was reading back over some of the blog entries and I see I neglected to follow up on the planned memorial lunch we had for my mom.  the lunch was attended by all but one of her local friends and everyone had lovely things to say about my mother.  I was touched by their stories and the emotions they each shared about losing her.

after the lunch Phil and I took some of my mom's ashes over to the beach and scattered them in the Gulf of Mexico.  I was thinking tonight at dinner about how much she would have loved to hear about what we were doing.  as I have mentioned before she loved the Anna Maria Oyster Bar on Cortez and that is where we had the first one of our "farewell tour" dinners. 

being here for this time away from our "real lives" even while still working - has been healing.  it has given us a clear break from the "before" of the illness and death of my sister and mother and the "after"- the next part of our lives, especially mine.  speaking of my next phase, I applied today for the fast track passport clearance upon returning to the US.  with the trips I currently have planned this could be a big time saver.  I am hoping they will call me for my interview and that I will get approved before I leave for Tunisia. 

tomorrow night we will have dinner with CBGB and then Friday with the wonderful owners of River Cottage.  Sunday we have a spring training game.  so Saturday we have to pack and ready for our return to city life.  it is amazing how quickly the time has gone by. 

when we last saw CBGB they had come over for dinner and as a "hostess gift" GA brought some of the most beautiful chocolates I have ever seen (AND they were great tasting as well as good looking) - I took a photo so we could keep the beauty even after they were gone- which I think qualifies for "having your cake and eating it too."

these thoughts seem pretty random - and lacking in a focus- it is as if I am drawing ends together in preparation for leaving - regrouping - moving on.   like forwarding mail back to Chicago after we are gone and ending the Chicago forward to River Cottage... life marching on.

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