Monday, May 30, 2011

next up- AFRICA!

in the photo journalism/travel thing is our long planned trip to Africa to celebrate our tenth anniversary.  who knew ten years could go by so quickly?  probably anyone our ages and older- LOL

anyway- I of course jumped into action last year when Phil mentioned that it might be time to do the safari thing because I knew it was pretty pricey and that it would be better to try to pay for something like that kind of trip when I was employed rather than fully retired.  so we talked about it and decided that it was REALLY far away so we would likely only make this trip once-

we started to plan our own trip front end and back and then decided that for the safari trip we would join a group thing to make it easier on ourselves.  so last week we got the list of the dozen folks we will be with for fourteen days (3 nights at four locations in Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe and 2 nights at Vic Falls)

I was surfing to find photos of the lodges where we will be staying (lodges may be over estimating the level of luxury) and came across some photos posted by a guy who had taken the trip in 2007 to the very same camps-

so here is a little taste of the Botswana part of our upcoming (OMG the nightmare of packing- LOL) trip

this was a "cabin" in the camp in 2007 probably looks pretty much the same now-

some elephants along the way

kitty food - big kitty food!

I see zebras- will definitely pack binocs for both of us and a telephoto is clearly indispensible-

and finally - this came from some other website but I post this photo here becasue this is the prize everyone seeks- cheetah (they have the tears) who are the world's fastest animal and among the least sighted on these trips- so this might be the only photo we get -hope not- everyone keep your fingers crossed.

Helene our friend and house/cat sitter arrives on the 9th- time to start making lists! soon we will be off-

I plan on using video as well so maybe you will get a few clips along the way or when we return.

more about the prep before we leave- oh did I say we are doing Cape Town, wine country and the Garden route on our own?  lots to see and do- could easily spend six weeks or more there....

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