Friday, June 3, 2011

we win!

after weeks of trying- along with tens of thousands of others - we scored same night tickets to NEXT Paris 1906 the first menu of the Grant Achatz ticketed food theater event of the year....

so here is the report-

  • service is beyond outstanding- perfect in every way including the casual ease and friendliness of the staff.
  • food was also perfect but be warned - this is no show stopper menu like you get at Alinea- there are a number of amazing dishes (more on that in a bit) but nothing that is jaw dropping like some of the courses we have had at Alinea
  • the atmosphere is serene- calm colors and the semblance of the iron work of Eiffel's Tower over head make for a lovely dining experience. 
so the food and drink: first the menu

then the photos:

this platter of starters was served with Champagne which was not set upon the table for a photo 
all were wonderful but the foie gras in the brioche was exceptional!

from here the wine came before each of the menu items
so the photos follow along with our experience

  the turtle soup was correct but was my least favorite course

our favorite dish of the night- the sauce was "to die for" the essence of crayfish and butter and cream
(even if that wasn't exactly what was in it...)

the diamond shaped chicken breast was the most flavorful chicken I have ever eaten
and the cucumbers were stuffed with a chicken mousse

the duck was perfectly executed and the sauce again amazing- this was my second favorite-
maybe we could even call it a tie it was so good!

the potato dish was served along the duck and did not disappoint - flavorful with a great crunchy topping 

the salad was a perfect intermezzo and palate refresher

I am a sucker for ice cream dishes and this one was good enough to eat two!
the rum soaked cherries were fabulous but the best part was the cookie bottom.

so at the end of the meal we of course got a keep sake copy of the menu (saves surreptitious writing at the table - LOL) and they also included a short write up of the concept of the menu -

I felt like Charlie in Willie Wonka when I got the email that they had a table for us and it was especially nice since we are heading to our tenth anniversary so it was a perfect way to start off the anniversary season!!!!!

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