Thursday, June 2, 2011

my mom

went to Africa in 1988.  she was following in her father's footsteps literally and figuratively.  my grandfather went in 1964 and somewhere in my family photos I have a photo of his car with a sign saying Africa or Bust attached to the bumper.  but back to 1988- my grandfather loved Africa so much he wanted to return and go with his two daughters both of whom were happy to oblige.

so off they went just weeks after my mother became a grandmother for the first time when my nephew Nick was born.  and they had an amazing trip. it was always one of my mom's favorites.  we are headed into new territory as she went to Kenya and Tanzania and we are going to southern Africa to Botswana and Zambia and Zimbabwe along with South Africa.  so as is now the custom - she will go with me to "see" new countries and her ashes will be scattered at various places along the way. 

my mother was a notoriously bad photographer (she once took a photo of me in Florence with the Duomo sticking out of my head and it wasn't a joke!) so her photos of Africa which I will post here are somewhat edited after scanning.  but as you can see these were once in a lifetime moments even with mediocre photos.

getting more and more excited - can't wait!!!!!

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