Monday, June 6, 2011

down time

so I guess it was inevitable that since Phil got sick last week so would I - virus especially the short lived kind are usually - LOL- virulent so when it hit me on Sunday very early AM it wasn't too surprising.  and of course I did what we are all told to do- push fluids and rest... but that really screwed up my Sunday stuff- things I had on my list to do to get ready for Africa. 

oh well about something like 20 hours of sleep later I am feeling much better (again no surprise) and am only a day behind... maybe this is why I learned at some point to stop procrastinating (which I do not do at all these days) because you never know when something will come up- good or bad... literally or figuratively.

so here it is Monday morning (still barely) and I am back making lists and getting through emails and doing stuff like paying upcoming bills for when I am gone etc... and feeling so happy to be feeling better.  when I am knocked down like yesterday I so appreciate feeling good and having good health.  I remember how much my mom said it was a struggle many days just to get up and dressed as she neared the end of her life.  When I get sick I understand that in a visceral way rather than an intellectual.

anyway- good news - back on track and after juggling some of the packing last weekend we will be with computer so I hope to post along the way when we find connections - and when we don't I will be journaling for blog posts (in order) when we do.

as for photos for today I have some new ones from the yard as we finally have decent weather and I planted my pots for the memorial day get together of are a few.

and one of sweet faced Penny who was watching me do my blog entry on NEXT

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