Tuesday, July 26, 2011

delta revisited

as I am going through my photos I get to relive the trip- and isn't that exactly what photos are for- to help you remember and to show friends what you saw- maybe get them to go along next time....

so I have been working on the Okavango Delta pictures from our first day there.  I think I mentioned last time that we had lunch near the airstrip and then went on a game drive where we saw lion cubs and their mom.  but I don't think I spent much time focused on how lovely the delta landscape was. 

so here are some photos from that first delta day:

lunch under a large shade tree 

of course we ford water- it IS the delta after all... 

more water 

 sometimes a bridge - a newer bridge in this case

and then more water 

and an older bridge

then we arrive at camp where we are greeted warmly by staff and then shown our accommodations:

our tent's porch is right on the marshy area where hippos graze at night - making loud pig-like noises- LOL

the sun sets over the road we took into camp.....

but we can't close the day without remembering our cubs and their mom:

a great day remembered!

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