Sunday, July 24, 2011

sometimes you're lucky

and that is what I was in the following photos from Chobe Park in Botswana.  our guide Chamu said it was all about luck when it comes to seeing the animals but this post is more about luck when actually clicking the shutter. 

here are some examples:
this is a lovely sunset but I find the subtlety of the colors even more appealing in the second photo plus it has the added dimension of showing the human scale in the silhouette

here is a sweet faced kudu who just happened to look right at me and then decided I wasn't a threat to her grazing and went on eating

this was happenstance- I really was working on the stork but the bird nearby took off just as I snapped the photo and then I had the same luck with the egret when he decided he had enough of posing

the zebras below were artfully posed in a nice threesome as were the elephants below them and the giraffes below that 

here I got the crocodile right when he opened his mouth to show his nasty pointed teeth!

and the lizard with his tongue out feeding on something too small for me to see!

we did learn the difference between many varieties of antelope- below an impala followed by a puku and then a kudu:

but here is one of my favorite photos - right time right place- an elephant relieving himself - and boy does he look relieved!  see how his eyes are rolled back into his head- LOL

I have lots more good photos from Chobe but this is a sample to whet your appetite

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