Sunday, July 17, 2011

double rainbow !

so I just today started going through the photos and of course everything brings back memories but the ones I was really taken with are the photos from Vic Falls-

it is wet there- no it isn't raining it is just amazing spray from the falls - so much so that the rainbows were the most distinct rainbows I have ever seen. AND we got to see a double rainbow- look closely at the following photo for double rainbow- the second one is much less distinct but sits above the very clear one:

and here are some more amazing rainbow photos:

and a few that show how much spray the falls give off

and then a few more that show the main falls- and the bridge between Zimbabwe and Zambia

will keep addiing things as I go along-

here is one for friend Gaetano- the elephant at sunset that we spoke about last night:

and the sunset that evening:

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