Tuesday, August 2, 2011

back to Africa

at least for a moment- since I am not on the computer where the IPNC photos are loaded....

so where were we?  oh yes- we were leaving the delta and coming to the Lufupa River camp in Kafue National Park in Zambia.  our impressions of Zambia are very positive as this was the nicest of our four camps both in terms of facility and staff as well as the food!

our camp staff greeting us upon arrival! - we found out they LOVE to sing and dance and even ASKED to do the Hokey Pokey--- LOL

some of the small touches around the lodge that made things so special here 

our accomodations were fabulous - a view of our tent and the river from our front porch:

for those of you following the saga of where my mother has gone since her death last December - she has the view in the middle photo as one of her "resting places."

the first night we came upon three male lions hanging around until sunset - here are a few photos:

later that day on our "red light" night time game drive back to camp was when we saw our leopard of "leopard anniversary" fame - and this guy below greeted us the next morning- while we were doing our morning game drive before the tsetse flies drove us crazy and back to camp.

they do controlled burning in the park so as to attract the grazing animals to green shoots which sprout up a few days after the burn.  this gives the grazers something to eat and keeps the food chain in good shape during the dry winter months-

the camp is located at the convergence of the Kafue and Lufupa rivers and has an amazing array of birds- and more hippos than you could count!

being a fan of waterfront - I loved this place!

our time in Kafue was over quickly and soon it was time to leave Zambia for Zimbabwe but not before we had added cheetah and leopard to our list of sightings thanks to Sam - the best guide we had on the whole trip in any country!

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