Tuesday, August 2, 2011

rounding out

the IPNC experience- all the way around- the last year (by consensus) after Phil doing 18 and me 10 - our friends each five or more----

but here are some parting shots - good memories - just that we all have other places to go and things to see on our lists and none of us is getting any younger-

our group this year- Steve and Kathy Holmes; Duke and Cathie Deegan; Steve and Phil Friedman; me and Suzanne Lubarsky Friedman:

the rabbit terrine course from Friday night dinner-

the Oregon albacore course from Saturday lunch:

Friday night dinner venue:

an interesting wine from Friday night dinner- blend of Austrian white varietals:

Saturday night salmon bake - desserts - lots of them and then venue photos:

and finally - I think I mentioned time with old friends- and here is one of our wine maker buddies at his "studio" - Eric Hamacher and another of the wines at Argly where we spent time with buddy Rollin Soles-

I know- I know- there should be a photo of Rollin but we got to drinking some lovely new rose sparkling and I forgot to take a photo... so a shot from the wine tasting room will have to do-

we will all undoubtedly be back to Oregon wine country - but we agreed this was the last IPNC... good friends and good times...

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