Friday, August 5, 2011

a few more

finished the Zimbabwe photos - the last of the group of safari Africa and thought these worth posting-
our second cheetah and a few other good ones:

these guys were hanging out- doing their lion thing...

keeping them in their place - Big Daddy....

 another group on another termite mound

a big paw print showed us which way to find them.... 

then some cool reflections of animals at watering holes:

and a nice photo of a jackal:

the sun went down and the elephants came to the pool to drink- and the pool went down 15" by the morning...LOL

so I think that is it for the safari part of the trip... and I am pretty sure I did the highlights of Vic Falls- so I am on to the South Africa photos to do a photo book of those....

I have to get this finished this weekend because I have business meetings all (my) work week and then TB and I leave for Canada on Thursday.

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