Friday, October 28, 2011

get crackin and get packin

I have only a few days left in the month to finish my work- I did mention I am not completely retired didn't I?  I am doing a bit of consulting and have two assignments that need to be done before I leave- November 1st for one and November 3rd for the other--- so I do really need to "get crackin"...

AND-  time is drawing near for packing for our trip to the Balkans - so this seemed a good time to post a few photos from my last trip there- first two from Zagreb- St. Mark's cathedral in the old section of town and a peaceful bench on the way up to the upper town.

heading toward the coast- a scene from the amazingly beautiful Plitvice Lakes-

on the Dalmatian Coast - the town of Sibenik- which is home to Diocletian's Palace- it was so large they have built the entire center of town inside the palace- it is a place for the living - not a ruin of the past- vibrant home to many - and the home of the invention of the neck tie (cravat)

harbor boats in Sibenik:

we headed south stopping at islands along the way- this was a sign for a road side BBQ place up in the hills above Stari Grad on Hvar Island and below it the lamb on the spit -

locals at a cafe in Hvar Town- Hvar Island-

local wares for sale- above

below- boys setting up a "shop" in Korcula on the old town steps

a rainy night in Dubrovnik and in the sunshine - the lovely Barbara Bedenk - among the WORLD'S BEST GUIDES - but certainly THE BEST in all of Croatia/Slovenia!

a better/sunnier day the following day and then a view from the walls surrounding Dubrovnik-

looking forward to returning and hoping to see Barbara again in Slovenia---

did I say it is time to think about packing- at least time to make a list.... will keep you posted!

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