Friday, October 21, 2011

nature versus nuture

of course the debate has gone on for decades- but on this 365th day of blogging I am witness once again to the debate.

what brings it up today is my two kitties (the ones no one wants to read about according to Phil)

they are the same age- 6 years old tomorrow and the same sex - spayed females - and they have been raised exactly the same yet Lucy is adventurous and quite the little explorer - always wanting to get out and "see the world"  but Penny never ever ever leaves the house and gets panic stricken if she is taken out onto the deck even if she is being securely held- once let loose she zooms back into the house - only to sit at the screen door gazing at the big world outside.

so today- a beautiful fall day here in Chicago, they are up to their usual behaviors - and today I vote for nature -

below: two outdoor Lucy photos and one of Penny at the screen door...

and I promise no more blogging about "the girls" for a while - we are getting ready for a trip to the Balkans and meanwhile have pretty busy social/business plans for the next so this is it for cute kitties!

and - thanks for following along for the last year- whomever you are!

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