Wednesday, January 16, 2013

more Reefton and a way cool train

so we head back into Reefton where we re-meet our guide from the Bearded Mining Co. and do a short tour of the "city"- including the tourist center exhibit on mining...

we also get to spend a small amount of time walking around Main St. and then we meet back at the corner to go to lunch-

an early public works project a public pool - the river was too polluted to swim in...

and an unusal train locomotive on display in the town park:


town views:

we have lunch here in the odd fellows hall (including some strange pizza with fruit on it) - sandwiches and salads

then TB and I race back to the tourism center gift shop to buy (at Darryl's urging) socks with possum fur (TB) and gloves with possum fur (VS) so we can do our part in the patriotic process of ridding NZ of the possum scourge!

meanwhile they also had these tea towels on offer there at the tourist info place- both excellent - but I still managed to pass on them-

so we say good bye to Reefton and our morning of mining related touring-  and head on to the coast for some of Mike's favorite - outdoor hiking!

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