Thursday, January 10, 2013

on to the sound

as promised we do actually finally get to the Sound and on to the boat- at 1:35 PM-

Milford Sound (Piopiotahi in Māori) is a fjord in the south west of New Zealand's South Island, within Fiordland National Park, Piopiotahi Marine Reserve, and the Te Wahipounamu World Heritage site. It is acclaimed as New Zealand's most famous tourist destination. Rudyard Kipling had previously called it the eighth Wonder of the World. (I guess they had to have something to replace the demolished Pink Terraces - LOL) 

we arrived around 1:20PM and get to have bathroom stops before getting on the Milford Mariner to take us through the sound and out to the Tasman Sea (a first time sighting for the three of us) and then back through the sound and back on the "motorcoach" for our return five hours to Q-Town.

oh but before we start on the great scenic beauty let's make a pit-stop and show you a sign from the bathroom where the third world folks have apparently (in appropriate third world fashion) NOT been throwing their used toilet paper in the toilet but in the garbage cans- so they are being reminded that we don't do it the same way in first world countries- but honestly I have NEVER before seen a sign like this...

now on to the scenic beauty -lots of photos - so let's get to it...

a bemused TB joins the photogenic Phil on deck-

I guess the below photo shows why so many falls are called Bridal Veil Falls- LOL

the water changes color as we enter the Tasman Sea:

then after some dolphin sighting (sorry no recognizable photos) we head back into the sound- 


and the prize for the most relaxed participants in the day's activities definitely goes to these guys:

we do head out almost immediately and make a return stop to the area of the rock strewn creek and the mountain bowl formation to get some photos for those who missed it on the way in...

I watched a funny movie on my iPad while others slept or talked over the movie Mike picked to show on the bus... when we got to Q-town we three got dropped off to go to the "world's best burger" -Fergburger...

where I had another in the progressively better ginger beers on the trip-

and here is my review of the Fergburger- not only not the world's best burger- it was not even in my top five burgers-

here is my number one (and for about the same price too):

you have seen this amazing blue cheese burger on this blog before- and a shout out to anyone who comments on where the burger can be found in the comments section of this post...

meantime- we cab it back to Nugget Point and make plans for tomorrow (SLEEP IN!!!!) and our dinner on our own... more stories to follow in the "small world" category when we run into a Kiwi (from the North Island) in a restaurant in Arrowtown (South Island) whom Phil had met before in the US - LOL so stayed tuned...

oh and I forgot the TB synopsis so we will recap the entire day with it instead of starting off with it-

12/11: Bkfst @ Distinction Nugget Point Hotel; lets forget about crispy bacon, shall we? Bus trip with various scenic (understatement) side stops through Fjordland National Park & Milford Sound (including X2 ice cream stops at Te Anau!). Milford Sound boat tour: perfect weather; to the edge of the Tasman Sea; stunning views included waterfalls, fur seals, dolphins, Mitre Peak (++); a break from Mike’s relentless ‘narrative’. Dinner at leisure @ Fergburger in Queenstown.

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