Tuesday, February 12, 2013

2013 arrives

OK - I know we are six plus weeks into 2013 but I haven't yet had a chance to post about the NEW year.... too busy getting caught up with the 3.5 weeks in December that we were in New Zealand and Sydney...

looking back I see I did actually write one post where I got us through New Year's Eve dinner at Goosefoot and then down to Florida with a stop at the BBQ place in Georgia and on to Cafe Baci (Lasagne! Veal Parm!) but since then nothing but post from the land down under...

on the above map we would be dotting the T in Bradenton!

A week after we arrive Georgia (GA) and I started our first class for this season.  You may remember that last year we took the Passport to Cuba class in preparation for separate trips to Cuba that we had planned. It was wonderful! This year we have two classes scheduled the first on the history and archeology research of Ybor City and the second one on Romanticism. 

So off we head into our first class - the first meeting is at the Tampa Bay History Center (same as the Cuba class) and involves an overview of the process used in the "digs" and a bit of history on Ybor City and then some on the digs in Ybor City.  The second class is scheduled at a dig location in Ybor City (unfortunately I was under the weather and couldn't make that one) and the third class was at the Ybor City Museum.  I will come back to that in a bit...

Meanwhile- I was in process with house-hunting, or more specifically condo hunting.  I had been watching the market down here for almost three years and it was/is my opinion that we have hit bottom and are now headed up in price--- and after three years of seasonal rental (and their high season rates) it seemed to make sense to buy.  So on the day I had scheduled for Phil to see a couple of places that i had narrowed the search down to- my brother in law Larry was in town.  So off we all traipsed to see condos.  We picked one and made an offer. Larry left and the following day we headed down to Miami to visit my cousin Michele and Larry (yes same Larry- LOL) on a long scheduled visit.  We had signed the contract for the condo on the way out of town.

In Miami we basically did nothing but hang out with family... mostly with Larry, some with Michele and a night with our niece Lauren who is at University of Miami. A good time in general but a really nice Sunday drive to the keys... with numerous stops which involved umbrella style drinks... and a good sunset from the sandy beach at Lorelei...

but first - can you believe that someone made an actual choice to wear these clown shoes in a hotel lobby?

we tried a new lunch place for burgers in the Grove- can recommend them- LoKal is the name of it - (interesting decor all photos below taken on the premises)

then we picked up Michele and headed south-


after sunset we left Lorelei and headed a bit further along- were going to eat at the Fish Company but they were out of oysters and out of shrimp- it was not even 7PM!
so we went off to the Green Turtle Inn-

gotta love that they have bacon!

the next day we headed to the "stand up shrimp" place as Phil calls it and had some delicious eats- then spent the afternoon at Scotties - long enough to get there in sun and drink through a fairly fierce storm and leave in sun again- LOL

the Scottie's entry path...

we headed out to Ft Lauderdale to have dinner with buddy and partner Neil and then home to the kitties... which now brings us the end of the 21st of January (my mom's birth date)- so this will continue in further posts!

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