Tuesday, February 12, 2013

rounding out January

so we got back from Miami and had plans for the Asolo theater- with a CBGB date in between the two plays.  We went to Bijou Cafe with CBGB as part of the forks and Corks celebration.

CB arrived later in the day after GA and I had gone to the private spaces tour at the Ringling home- lots of cool stuff and we got to see the view from the roof! Next time I will take a camera or at least have my cell phone charged :-( 

the wine dinner was completely fun - we had the best time at our table... the next morning CBGB and I went out to breakfast and then they headed back to Tampa.

Their visit was sandwiched between two plays we saw at the Asolo Rep - both excellent "revivals' of Pulitzer Prize award winning plays- Glengarry Glen Ross and You Can't Take It With You...




Both excellent productions but the You Can't was still fresh and funny in the madcap way it must have been for the last 75 years!
Oh and did I mention that we also went to a movie revival of Don't Look Now as well during that week?
so that almost brings us to February- and the arrival of friends Matt & Ann... who actually arrived on January 31st for a long weekend - but February will have to be another post...

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