Thursday, April 18, 2013

before we run out

of town - I wanted to do the recap of the Goosefoot meal last night--  you would think that in the now more than 40 courses we have eaten there that one thing might have been less than perfect but you would be wrong- Chris Nugent ensures that every dish he and his team prepare is perfect!

here is the menu from last night:

goosefoot 9-course Menu
lobster/scallop/licorice root/curry
shrimp/preserved garlic/rosemary
white asparagus soup/potato/truffle essence
loup de mer/leek/yuzu/tapioca
duck breast/spiced beluga lentils/ginger/compressed apple
angus beef/heirloom carrots/goosefoot/cumin/shallot jus
roquefort cheese/goji berry/hazelnut/pear/port
blood orange/cassia/kaffir lime/citrus
chocolate/passion fruit/coconut/ice wine
and here are some photos:

Lovely meal on a really bad weather day- the soup alone was worth the journey!

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