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foto faves

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

what weighs 311 pounds?

and takes two men to maneuver it through your door?

well that would be Phil's computer desk and new "office" all in one!  - so last Sunday I flew to Florida because the delivery of this last large piece of furniture for our condo in Florida was supposed to take place on March 26th- BEFORE we returned to Chicago on April 1st... but.....

the item wasn't shipped until April 5th and so I headed back to Florida on a cheap SW ticket and picked up a Priceline car and drove to meet the arriving piece- and yes it was manhandled in  to the house by two guys who knew what they were doing-

and here are some photos- from the website - because the desk is sitting alone in an otherwise empty room with a high ceiling and you really don't get the sense of how "full office-like" it is from my photos of the empty desk- LOL

so the main reason we chose this desk was because it has the fold down door that works as a return - extra space for working.... or laying out papers for your favorite cat to sit on (LOL)

you can kind of see on the photo that the key board drawer has a double pull out so the keyboard can also be covered up and used as a work surface (say for instance if you had TWO cats who wanted to help you with your work! )
so anyway- that is what I was doing in Florida for the last two days- home late last night so I could be here in time for several upcoming events- including Goosefoot dinner tonight and a Remy Bumppo play tomorrow night and... then off to NYC and Paris... so stay tuned
and just for the record - here are my own photos - perhaps not so artfully posed but with much better resolution-
fully closed:

fully opened:

keyboard drawer covered gives extra writing or work surface:

keyboard drawer opened:

return up:

return down for additional work surface:

and finally- photos of some helpful cats who can assist with paperwork!

oh and by the way did I mention it was beautiful blue sky and warm in Florida and that I came home to cold and rainy and dreary.... thereby fully reinforcing the decision to buy a place so we weren't limited to only the seasonal rental at high season rates!

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