Wednesday, June 5, 2013

our trip begins in earnest

we arrived in Cuczo, Peru on a morning flight from Lima.  we headed directly from the airport to the Sacred Valley- the town of Pisac is our destination-

our guide is Reese and the driver is Marco- Reese is well versed and speaks excellent English- he knows Ruben (my guide from the 1999 trip) both of them being Cuzco natives and old hands in the tourism industry. 

first I will post the photos from the 1999 visit to the Pisac market and then the 2013 will note I am sure the change in their target market - and rather than beat a dead horse yet again let me just refer you to the post entitled "you can not turn back time"

yes those quaintly dressed gals and their prop children considered themselves models and requested payment for having their photos taken- however- compare the photos above with the ones from our trip last month- newly paved streets are I am sure a godsend when the rain comes (as it did the afternoon of our arrival) however- not a single stall sold food and mostly I wondered if the stuff was made in China rather than the work of locals.... not to worry we did actually get to see the work of locals (weaving) but not here... more on that later-





so on we go- next stop scenic overlook of the spectacular Sacred Valley and the Urubamba River-

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