Tuesday, July 9, 2013

of late

I have been quite taken by mermaids- I made this lovely collage of mermaid paintings that I photographed at Garcia's in Miami in May-

and then I came across a number of photos of the Little Mermaid from our trip last fall to Copenhagen-

but the thing that made me think about posting about it was my recent stop at the Sea Hagg.  As you know I was in Florida doing work at the new place in late June and early July and one half day when I wasn't busy building chairs I stopped in (believe it or not) for the very first time at the Sea Hagg....

my mother haunted the place for years and I remember her saying oh I saw this that or the other thing "down at the Sea Hagg" but for some reason I hadn't made it there... I guess maybe it was because I wasn't really seeking out the nautical or beach or seaside style at the time- so I never bothered...

but this time I did- and I was overwhelmed by all the incredibly cool junk they have - LOL so I took a few photos and thought I would share them- this will definitely be on my local tourism itinerary from now on!

I have to believe there is something for everyone in this place- no matter your gender or your decorating or gift needs!

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