Tuesday, July 16, 2013

thanks for reading

I just noticed that I am about to go over 20,000 page views since my first post on October 22, 2010.... thank you to all of you who read my musings and follow along with my travels.  I have some exciting things coming up- a busy social calendar this week and next and then in early August a DART trip with buddy TB. 

You may recall that we have done these Disappearing American Road Trips before over the years and in August we are headed to the northeast section of upstate NY.  September will bring a NYC trip to see friends and family and then October our big journey of the year to China (Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Lijiang, Zhongdijan, Guilin, Yanshou, Shanghai and Hangzhou) with brother Larry!

Then my friend Georgia (of the Cuba class and Ybor City class etc.) and I have just begun planning a winter trip to Morocco! I haven't been since May 2000 so that should be very interesting....

anyway here are a few photos to celebrate the upcoming 20K mark and the travel done and that about to be embarked upon... in no particular order-

phone booths in the Montana State House outside the Senate Chamber (really!)

a museum display in Oklahoma-

a café in Silver City NM- where we had breakfast...

possibly the cutest horse I have ever seen - years later I still regret not having a carrot to share with him- he stopped playing with his ball (which he had been tossing and running to) to come over and say hi when we pulled over for a shot of the SEE ROCK CITY sign on the barn across the road- you can just SEE how sweet he was!

TB viewing seven states! from Rock City!

The Star Ferry in Hong Kong-  still one of the best travel bargains in the world!

Man Mo Temple offerings Hong Kong

for sale at the Cat Street Bazaar in HKG-

Fez leather tanning operations (second up closer)

the blue gate in Fez

proof of my camel riding "skills" - LOL near the Erg Chebbi dunes in the Sahara-

cats at the Chellah (old port near Rabat now a ruin to visit) and a spring which is a place of offering for fertility-

some of the beautiful Moorish tile work on buildings in Morocco-

olives for sale in the souk in Fez-

so - thanks again for coming along on the journey and stay tuned for more discoveries!

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