Saturday, July 20, 2013

where I was

so - we went to friends for dinner but before we did we stopped at Billy Sunday- a new hip cocktail bar in Logan Square... the drinks were great the snacks were great the ambiance was great- it was good all around-

we had a very nice time at our friends' house with an excellent meal and a bit of time outdoors with their two cute dogs - even though the evening was hot (and when we got home we found our AC had broken!)

our fabulous HVAC guys were Johnny on the spot (literally his name is Johnny- LOL) and the AC was fixed the next day by noon which was good because that was the day it topped out at 96* (and that is not a cool group, it is the real temperature not the accu-weather real feel temperature!)

today it cooled off and I had agreed to go to Phil's Saturday night concert with him- well here is the deal- it is two hours of my life LOST- that I will never get back - enough said---

so here are some photos - and a bit more narrative when appropriate-

named after the temperance preacher- the bar has a lovely d├ęcor of tin ceiling dark wood and old photos and memorabilia - the drink menu offers lots of unusual and innovative choices. I had the Hoar's Frost, Phil the Cocktail, Sheila the Old Fashioned and Mary the Victorian.  Tina had a booze soda and I don't know what Brian ordered - then they brought us three special of the day sake drinks a ginger, a mint and a plum... the mint won my vote....

Brian (who is a partner in the operation) said these giant ice cubes cost a "fah-chun"  because they basically have to saw them out of a huge block of ice - but here is the cool part - this is what the "cube" looked like after 40 minutes of sitting in a drink and then an empty glass in a bar that was quite warm (remember the heat wave?)

that was one giant pure ice ball!
then on to photos from the concert-

as I said it was two hours of my life I won't get back- and I won't mention the name of the performers because no musician has an easy way of making a living- even the rich and famous ones- and clearly from the appeal for money (WE NEED YOUR HELP!) these are more of the starving artist type-

so here is a photo that shows where I wish I would have been tonight - LOL- home hearing reruns of the always interesting Studs Terkel Show!

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