Thursday, July 25, 2013

the hits just keep on coming!

OK so we have basically been to Goosefoot maybe ten times now- It's a neighborhood place for us- but high end destination dining for those not so fortunate to live nearby.  We love Chris and Nina - they are both such truly warm and welcoming people.  And it is hard to come up with something new to say when everything is just perfect- and that is what goosefoot is- an experience where everything is perfect.  The tables in the dining room are comfortably sized, the spacing makes access for the wait staff easy so you don't end up having to squeeze around anyone and the noise level is buzz-y but not intrusive.

We had several new courses last night so I will post the menu and then show the food- my current favorite is the farm egg- with the asparagus... but it is hard to pick between that and the preserved shrimp served in an egg shell- both are packed with combinations of intense flavor - well I guess I should just say- go eat there and find out for yourself.... there is a reason it was the number one new restaurant in Chicago last year---

the menu for tonight:

The food photos:

In the order served and listed on the menu- except not listed are the amuse of a golden beet and goat cheese on a spoon, the palate cleanser of yuzu and beet juice in the glass - and the fruit on the tree (LOL) at the end.

all I can say about this meal is YUM!

here are the wines we selected to accompany the meal-

and just for an ending comment - here is the fruit on the tree - LOL

don't eat the stump! but do visit goosefoot for an amazing meal!

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