Saturday, July 27, 2013

I collect art (part 2 - sort of)

So as I was saying in my previous post- I do actually and have for a long time - collect art .  But the reason I brought it up was because I have made a concerted effort to gather some new paintings for the condo that I am decorating for our use in the coming winters....

And as I said- I have been haunting websites that sell vintage original art- and collecting seascapes for the long wall in the Living room/Dining room combination area-

so without further ado - here are some photos- of the things I have found online- they range in vintage from the 1940s through 2011 (some are signed - some are framed - some bear actual dates)


hard to tell from the photos but these are of varying sizes - generally on the small side and I felt like I wanted something to be the center of the grouping.  About nine years ago, we had purchased a painting in Maine by an artist I really liked named Keith Oehmig.  It hangs in our bedroom in Chicago. (see below) -

so I decided to go to the online site for the gallery where we bought this painting and see what was on offer that might be a larger work in the sea theme- and lo and behold- there were many to choose from.  There was a single one that I fell in love with and that was the one I contacted the gallery about.  When I called there I found out that Keith was in that day and so I talked to him and told him how much we had enjoyed the painting we bought years ago.  We exchanged pleasantries and then I was transferred to the lady who takes the information. I had already sent an email that included the above photo and one of the artist in the gallery with our picture (from way back when)-

and as a result of the negotiations - we have a centerpiece for our LR/DR grouping- from Keith Oehmig - painted just last month in 2013 of the Ogunquit Beach- I think it quite beautiful!

then along the way, of course I fell in love with a few more vintage paintings that were not seascapes but which would work quite well in the condo Master bedroom... including two really appealing Italian scenes (one from Venice and one a 1967 painting of the Ponte Vecchio in Florence)

and then one I just couldn't resist - a painting by a California artist from the 1940s of a cabin in the woods - I LOVE these cars- this is so of a period!

so now - I am pretty much finished until I get a chance to actually hang all this artwork - and then reassess the need for anything else....or maybe I'm not... LOL - you never know what will show up in the "added today" on the vintage artwork segment of the website! Happy Picture Hunting!

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