Wednesday, July 24, 2013

happy anniversary! Chicago Gourmets celebrates with Oceanique

starting yesterday our social lives return to busy- with a Chicago Gourmets event  at Oceanique to celebrate their 25th anniversary and the 16th anniversary of Chicago Gourmets!

here is the blurb:

the menu:

the food!

all fabulous! really everything was perfectly executed and had a little different slant in the preparations that really made the flavors pop and the wine pairings were all very well done so they brought out the best in each course- really spot on!

they had just finished - hours earlier - a redo of the front of the restaurant... and it was all clean lines and white tile- very soothing - with an homage to the fresh fish markets of Europe -

many members attended the sold out event! (and they were lucky they got to sample such great fare!)

a toast to the chef and the sommelier at the end of the evening- both created a memorable event!

and then tonight- Goosefoot!  always a winner in our book!

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